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Hi I am Michelle and I am the owner of Advancing Women in Business & Sport, the co-host of the global online businesswomen’s network A Career that Soars!, host of the Lead to Soar and Advancing Women in Sport podcasts as well as the co-founder of  CDW  (Culturally Diverse Women).

I am fearless in pursuit of what sets my would on fire. Closing the global leadership gender gap and enabling all women to have a life and career that soars.

My dream is for my son and daughter, my nieces and nephews to inhabit a world:

  • Where women and girls are valued, respected and equal.
  • Where men and boys can rid themselves of the shackles of toxic masculinity; and,
  • Where every human, no matter how they identify, can reach their full potential.

I am an unapologetic, passionate feminist and inclusionist, who, because of my white skin and education has enormous privilege and influence. I am determined to harness my privilege, my passion for women’s rights, my business acumen, and my networks to have a positive global impact on society. 

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The Advancing Women Formula 

Closing the Global Leadership Gender Gap and Enabling Women To Advance Their Careers

Leadership Programs 

Women can discover The Missing 33% and get access to critical leadership development experiences seldom offered in women’s leadership development programs with our cutting edge, research-backed leadership programs.

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Our strategic mentoring programs are designed to build the capability of both mentor and mentee. Our programs based on Make the Most of Mentoring by Susan Colantuono and will help your organisation close the leadership gender gap.

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A Career that Soars!

Our global community of women at all career stages supports the career aspirations of ambitious, high-performing women in organizations across all industries.

Membership is just $US145 per annum.

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I highly recommend Michelle's Advancing Women Leadership Program. The program's content and process are accessible, insightful and challenging, delivered with Michelle's refreshingly affable and ever-supportive manner. Thank you, Michelle, - this program has and will continue to impact on my leadership and networking in positive ways.


I am a proud graduate of Michelle’s Mentoring 2 Advance course! The combination of Michelle’s industry insight, confident facilitating and expert program content made this experience relevant and useful for me as an already skilled leader. The group support model was effective in challenging constant personal and professional growth. This program, and any other opportunity to work with Michelle, comes highly recommended.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Michelle is a trailblazer who helped me to unleash my inner trailblazer! Her 'no bones about it' approach, combined with her care and witty humour made it a pleasure to work together. I'd recommend Michelle to any professional woman who is looking to increase their impact and influence, as well as hone the art of networking.


The Advancing Women Formula

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Current Courses in A Career that Soars!

A Career that Soars! has a range of courses available year-round for women at all career stages. 

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